Warranty Statement

Thank you for your interest in Yung Lien. The warranty is based on purchasing products in our dealers stores, followed with user manual and warranty card. The duration of the statutory warranty varies according to the applicable law in each country. WARRANTY AND REPAIR (SUPPORT) Please first call our Tech. dept. / repair center (Tel:+886 2 2980 8510), our engineers will response your product’s problems accordingly
  • Yung Lien warrants the product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the warranty period. The warranty does not cover bundled accessories, which were delivered together with the product. If the product fails during normal and proper use within the warranty period, we will repair or replace the defective parts of the product.
  • Please keep the warranty card well for future service request use. This warranty does not include failure caused by improper operation, inadequate cleaning maintenance and care, accident, damage, misuse, abuse, etc.
  • We warranty only covers technical issues during the warranty period and in normal use conditions, otherwise we’ll collect repair fee and the part exchange is belong to Yung Lien.

Product Out of Warranty

PRODUCT OUT OF WARRANTY (users need to pay the repair fee)
  • Any defects which are caused by sweat, normal wear and tear, such as peeling paint, corrosion, rubber broken, color fading, etc.
  • Do not follow the user manual to have proper maintenance.
  • Disassemble by yourself or by other repair store / do not use original parts / parts missing.
  • Any other event, act, default or omission outside Yung Lien control.

Product Warranty Service

Yung Lien reserves the right to interpret the provisions in this Warranty Information. The information in warranty card may change without prior notice. Please visit our website: www.yunglien.com.tw for current and complete warranty information.

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